Kate is a Chicago-based communications and impact strategist who is passionate about finding sustainable solutions to global issues, starting at the community level. 

Since 2014, Kate has worked as a Consultant with WhyWhisper Collective, where she helps businesses establish social responsibility initiatives and supports social enterprises and non-profits in amplifying and communicating their impact. 

Kate also serves as Director of Marketing & Development at The Social Impact Institute, a nonprofit organization focused on gender-based violence, human trafficking, and global mental health. 

After graduating with a BA in Political Science from Wellesley College, Kate moved to Malawi where she worked with several nonprofits, conducting research and planning for new system of mobile health clinics. She also spent three years working with a Boston-based marketing firm supporting world-renowned chefs and restaurateurs like Barbara Lynch, Ming Tsai, and Jody Adams before returning to the social impact sector. 

An avid traveler, Kate relishes the opportunity to work from all over the world. When she’s not traveling, you can likely find her exploring Chicago, fawning over her plants, or finding new ways to connect with her community.