Rachel Ishofsky is a writer, strategist and social entrepreneur. 

Before joining the WhyWhisper team, she spent 7 years building Innovation: Africa, a nonprofit/social enterprise that—under her leadership--brought clean water, improved education and proper medical care to over 700,000 people in sub-Saharan Africa. The financing model that she co-designed and implemented led to the completion of over 80 successful and self-sustaining projects and a UN Innovation Award.   

Previously, she worked as a freelance journalist, studied Shakespearean acting in the UK, co-founded a community based education project for children in Ghana, taught English on 3 continents and worked with various organizations promoting the arts, education and human rights. 

For over a decade, Rachel has worked with people and organizations to turn big ideas into impactful and lasting initiatives. She has been published in Forbes, spoken at the UN, the Brookings Institution, the New York Stock Exchange and more. She graduated summa cum laude with a BA from New York University and completed an executive management training program at the Harvard Business School.

These days, you're most likely to find her in the woods. After traveling to over 35 countries, living on 4 continents and spending the last 10 years in NYC, she moved to New York's Hudson River Valley to be surrounded by artists, environmentalists and trees.