Now that summer weather is finally here, are you prepping for travel or an outdoor adventure?

You may not yet think of social impact when you think about sunglasses and swimwear, but these days, you can purchase almost anything through a social enterprise (a business with a socially-conscious mission).

Here are some of our favorite summer essentials from amazing companies that are doing well by doing good: 


Sunglasses from Karün

Your Socially-Conscious Guide to Summer Gear -- via WhyWhisper Collective

Looking for the perfect pair of shades? These sunglasses from Karün will set you apart from the crowd – not just because of their unique style, but also because of what they represent. All frames are handmade in Chile with wood and other materials from Patagonia. Rather than cutting down forests for these materials, Karün utilizes only wood from fallen trees. With a strong focus on our connection to nature, they are extremely conscious of their impact on the earth. Their mission is to not only produce high quality sunglasses, but to do it while respecting the planet and encouraging other similar businesses to do the same. You can use their virtual mirror to try on sunglasses, and then order them online here.


Swimwear from La Isla

Your Socially-Conscious Guide to Summer Gear -- via WhyWhisper Collective

Next up: swimwear. If you’re looking to get some beach or pool time this summer, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect suit. La Isla offers swimwear options for men and women that are both stylish and socially-conscious. La Isla’s mission strongly emphasizes fairness to its employees, as well as the importance of the community they aim to provide to them. Not only are the majority of its employees local to Colombia, where their manufacturing facility is now located, but many of them are also head of household women. Additionally, the company supports a variety of charitable efforts and partners with a number of socially focused initiatives.

Hammock (& Other Camping Gear) from Kammok

Your Socially-Conscious Guide to Summer Gear -- via WhyWhisper Collective

If you’re looking to really kick back this summer, we highly suggest investing in a hammock. And not just any hammock, but the Roo hammock from Kammok. Kammok is a member of 1% for the Planet, an initiative that connects businesses, consumers, and nonprofits to empower them to drive positive, environmental change. Through this initiative, Kammok is paired with CTC International, a nonprofit that helps Kenyan communities develop sustainable solutions to their specific needs around education, environment, economy, health and community development. Kammok also sells other camping gear and apparel, so make sure you take a look at their website before you venture out this summer.


Water Bottle from Klean Kanteen


Your Socially-Conscious Guide to Summer Gear -- via WhyWhisper Collective

As we all know, it’s crucial to stay hydrated in the summer. What’s more, you have probably heard how bad plastic bottles are both for us as well as the environment. So instead of using disposable plastic water bottles, go for a reusable option.  Klean Kanteen offers reusable bottles in a wide variety of sizes and colors, so you have lots of options based on your personal preferences. Like Kammok, Klean Kanteen is a member of 1% for the planet, and gives at least 1% of their profits to initiatives and organizations aimed at preserving and restoring the natural environment. The company also actively supports the Breast Cancer Fund, helping to promote their campaigns around prevention.


Snacks from Peeled Snacks

Your Socially-Conscious Guide to Summer Gear -- via WhyWhisper Collective

When you’re out in the hot summer sun, you’ll likely want to keep a snack on hand to keep your energy high. Instead of just grabbing for something at random (as we all often do), try out these healthy, organic, non-GMO AND gluten-free options from Peeled Snacks. From baked snap peas to dried fruit to trail mix, their snacks are nutritious, and they can easily be taken on-the-go. A certified B-Corporation, Peeled Snacks’ high standards for accountability and transparency make them an excellent option for summer snacking. 


Sunscreen from Burt’s Bees

Your Socially-Conscious Guide to Summer Gear -- via WhyWhisper Collective

Hands down, one of the most essential items on your summer list is sunscreen. But luckily, the days of slimy, thick sunblocks are long gone. One of our favorite options is Burt’s Bees, an amazing line of natural skincare products (including sunscreen and other summer products). Their dedication to responsible sourcing, conscientious packaging, and minimizing their operational footprint is what really makes them stand out. They established the Burt’s Bees Greater Good Foundation, a nonprofit that is “dedicated to sustaining charitable, grassroots initiatives that support human and honeybee health” in 2007, and the foundation has donated over $1 million in grants since then.


Skateboard from Comet Skateboards

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t an essential, but we thought it was pretty cool. If you’re looking to take up a new sport this summer, what about skateboarding? If you’re into it, try a board from Comet Skateboards. The designs alone are cool enough to make us want to learn, but the company’s mission is what really seals the deal.   Another certified B-Corporation, Comet is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 


Did you find what you were looking for? Or are there other summer essentials on your list? Share with us. We’ll put the word out and be sure to get the information you need! Here’s how to do it: