by Kate Vandeveld

For us, this summer has been jam packed with travel. Luckily, the nature of our consulting work is such that we can do it from anywhere – which we love. But it definitely requires a little bit of extra planning and preparation to stay on top of everything while on the go.

Our Tips for Working On-the-Go -- via WhyWhisper

If you’re part of the freelance community, you may be on a few adventures yourself this summer. If that’s the case, we have some tips that we’ve gathered along the way:

Plan & Ask for Support

Whether you’re headed to a relative’s house in Florida or to a remote village in Norway (we told you we’re speaking from an array of experience here), you’re probably hoping to spend as much time in the moment and away from your computer as possible while you’re traveling. We freelancers are rarely “offline” entirely, but that doesn’t mean we can’t come close for short periods of time. In order to make it happen, two things are essential: planning and support.

As you’re gearing up for your travels, take a look at your to-do list for while you’re away, and tackle as much of it as you can in advance. You won’t be able to anticipate everything, of course, but if you knock out your major deliverables before departing, you’ll thank yourself later. For tasks you can’t accomplish in advance, take time to think through your schedule and plan accordingly. For example, can you complete certain tasks while in transit? Can more flexible tasks wait until your return? Which days will you need to find time to sit down and get things done?

Then, if you’re able, ask your team for support. This is so important for all involved. Make sure everyone who touches your work and may be affected by your absence knows when you’ll be away, and what your plan is for while you’re gone. Keeping all parties in the loop will make a world of difference for everyone’s productivity and peace of mind. 

Our Tips for Working On-the-Go -- via WhyWhisper

Get Organized

When you’re working while traveling, it is more crucial than ever to utilize digital organizational tools. Using digital tools will both allow you to stay on top of things, as well as keep your team informed about your progress and whereabouts. This transparency is key when you need your team’s support, and it will make it easier for you to take time to step away from your computer for a bit.

Here are some of our favorite digital organizational tools:

Whichever tools you and your team choose to use, they’ll make a big difference for everyone’s peace of mind. Plus, you can download most of them on your phone, so you can access them whenever and wherever you need to.

Our Tips for Working On-the-Go -- via WhyWhisper

Do Your Research & Prepare

Avoid running into unexpected issues while traveling by doing a little bit of research in advance. For example: Will the place you’re going have wifi? If not, you may need to consider setting up your own personal hotspot on your phone, or find a café with internet where you can get work done as needed.  Try to anticipate what you’ll need to get things done, and take care of the necessary research and preparation to ensure you’ll have access to those things.

If you take these steps to plan and prepare, you’ll be able to take the time to relax and enjoy your experiences and your loved ones on your travels.

What are your tips for getting work done while traveling? We want to know about them – share with us! Here’s how: