If you know us, you know we spend a great deal of time strategizing around ways to support social change. This past year, in response to peoples' feelings of helplessness and hopelessness post-election, The Center for Social Impact Strategy at The University of Pennsylvania gave us the opportunity to join them in developing a new initiative. The result? A studio that tells stories of inspirational changemakers, and shares them alongside free tools so that anyone anywhere can take action. Not only is it exciting to put such incredible stories out into the world demonstrating progress is possible, but we love making education accessible, and this studio does exactly that.

Today, we launch, and we're so excited to see what you do with it! Let us know what you think, and feel free to reach out if you have feedback or ideas for additional stories.

The Trailer


The Behind the Scenes

How did this all come to be? What process did we use to get here? 

  1. It took research:
    • Auditing the media landscape to identify different approaches and tactics currently being used in storytelling
    • Interviewing diverse individuals from all across the country to learn how they were feeling in the current news climate, what inspired them, and what they were looking for when wanting to take action 
    • Sourcing a list of companies and organizations whose stories people felt we should tell, based on our audit and interview findings
  2. It took strategy:
    • Defining the voice, brand identity, and framework for the studio and its stories
  3. It took producing:
    • Planning, scheduling, and managing all film shoots, interviews, and travel
    • Supporting the incredibly talented Crouching Tiger LLC during the editing process for all the videos
  4. It took web production and content creation:
    • Drafting all written content for the site
    • Collaborating with Kaveh Sedeghian in the buildout of the site architecture, webpages, and toolkits
  5. It took project management & distribution
    • Coordinating with all founders, team members, University staff, and more
    • Distributing across owned channels, partner channels, social media channels, paid advertising, email marketing, and more


Huge thanks to Crouching Tiger LLC, Kaveh Sadeghian, Cosmo Fujiyama, Sukoon Active, Cafe Momentum, AutonomyWorks, EatOffbeat, and the incredible team at the Center for Social Impact Strategy for being SUCH incredible partners and friends.