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How to Run an Online Campaign with User Generated Content


How to Run an Online Campaign with User Generated Content

by Shanley Knox

When it comes to running a successful online campaign, the key is no longer just in offering great content to your users. Instead, it's important to create a campaign that convinces your followers to generate the content themselves.

So, just how do you do that?

Set Measurable Goals

Before beginning your campaign, it's important to explore your purpose. Do you want to increase your reach? Educate others? Generate sales leads? Your goal should be clearly defined, so as to inform your strategy and content.  

Make it Worthwhile

Once you’ve laid out your campaign goals, it's important to ensure that you're offering fans value in exchange for providing you with content. In order to identify what makes them tick, you need to do some research. Do your fans want visibility across your platforms? Recognition for a donation? An opportunity or a prize? Once you pinpoint exactly what it is that they’re looking for, you can craft your campaign content around it.

Develop Toolkits to Support Your Fans

What do you want your campaign partners, stakeholders, and fans to do? Do you want them to share your logo, tweet a certain link, or post photos that incorporate your product? Make sure you create a comprehensive list, as this will help to ensure your campaign goals are met by the content your fans are generating. To set yourself up for success, make downloadable toolkits readily accessible, including sample tweets, shareable logos, photos, testimonials, and more.

Create Campaign Ambassadors

Campaign ambassadors are online users who spread the word on your behalf through their social accounts and personal networks. Often, your existing fans and supporters make the best campaign ambassadors. Request participation via email, and routinely follow up with specific tasks that maintain campaign momentum.

Another way to generate campaign ambassadors is to put up a registration page on your website.

Invite Fans to Collaborate

Host a Twitter chat, feature guest bloggers, invite guest pinners to your Pinterest boards. By inviting fans to collaborate with you, you're helping to create buy-in between you and your fans, while also incorporating new thoughts and/or aesthetics, and driving visibility amongst fan networks.


Don’t forget to monitor your campaign daily, and engage with your fans throughout. Like their posts, comment on their entries, share their content.... let them know you appreciate their involvement. 

Have you hosted a successful campaign focused on user generated content? Tell us in the comments below, or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Email


A Message From WhyWhisper's Founder


A Message From WhyWhisper's Founder

It would be impossible to count the number of articles and blog posts I've written throughout my career — and even so, I'm having a hard time writing this one. 

WhyWhisper is an incredibly personal venture for me, and for everyone working alongside me. It combines our professional skills and experience with our personal passions. It provides a source of income to freelancers — while also helping to increase the impact of nonprofit organizations and companies for social change. I have so much pride in what we've built, and excitement for the future, that it's difficult to slow down and draft the proper introduction. Let's give it a try.

WhyWhisper Collective is a network of freelance professionals who have come together to provide digital and social media marketing services to nonprofit organizations and impact-focused brands.

According to comScore, social media accounts for 1 of every 5 minutes spent online. This makes it the number one activity on the internet. Additionally 75% of people use social media to find or share information about brands (Mass Relevance). With social media, companies and organizations are presented with an enormous opportunity to drive awareness and convert leads across social platforms. It's no longer optional to build compelling brand stories, and that's where we come in.

Our team members have backgrounds in strategy, design, content marketing, and analytics. We've worked domestically and abroad  for large corporations and advertising agencies, as well as startups, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations. In leaving the corporate world and venturing out on our own, we've found we are able to work better, more passionately, and to focus in on the clients with whom we would most like to work. 

These clients need access to many skills and services, but not necessarily all at the same time. Our model provides them with flexibility, while never compromising on talent or passion. 

Stories of progress, community, impact... they motivate us. In fact, our name, WhyWhisper, serves as a reminder to speak up for what we believe in, and we believe in our clients' work.

Whether you're interested in our services, would like to join the collective, or just want to chat, we love meeting new people and very much look forward to hearing from you.